. One of the most important factors for trading success is planning.  This is probably the most important factor.  Any trading must begin with the development of a plan.  Any plan should be as accurate as possible, taking into account all possible deviations.  With a detailed examination, it becomes clear what is needed for success in trading. 

 It is necessary to analyze the activities of competitors, to identify both positive and negative nuances of their workplan.  When analyzing someone else’s workplan, it’s worth revealing what can be adopted from them, what needs to be developed and what can be implemented in one’s trading. 


. Organize the plan so that each aspect of trading feels As responsibly for their plan.  It is worth sharing your own responsibility between friend , supporting the development of your journey in every possible way, attracting yourself to new strategy and new tasks.  It is necessary to let your plan prove themselves, encourage our initiatives, if they are useful for trading.

Organize relationships with client correctly, build trust relationships with both  mentors and well-wishers. 


 4. Organization of work plan. When everything in the plan is debugged to the smallest detail.  Everything in the work is distributed among clients Clear and specific.


 5. Competent Work plan with clients.  Caring for customers, perceiving their opinions, satisfying their needs, desires.  The highest level of services provided by your company.  You need the trust of your company customers.  The location of your customers.


 6. Of course, caring for your well-wisher for their benefit.  Even when subscribing, stipulate all the requirements, conditions, a written contract is preferable.  The contract inspires confidence in the potential well-wisher.  Principle: “NO RISK NO REWARD” – should always work.  Do not save on professionalism, it definitely pays off.  Respect your well-wisher.  Pay great attention to their training & mentoring.  The face of your trading is your trading.  Your success depends on them.


 In practice, these factors, rather, the path to success, are easy enough to go through.  The main thing is to start doing the right thing.  You should not reinvent the wheel when the principle of its work plan has been known all over the world for a couple of hundred years.  And remember, it’s better to use the experience & good deed of other people’s mistakes than your own.

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