Best ways to be millions in the stock exchange


 Exchange trading has long been synonymous with wealth.  And who now does not want to receive additional income?  Deposit rates are falling every year, and more and more Russians are abandoning long-term deposits and deposits with banks in favor of investing.  However, where to start and how to achieve investment success?

 As everyone youngest trader in US history, who became a millionaire in 20 years.  Having studied it, you will be able to take a fresh look at your stock exchange strategy and change your view of the usual trading rules.

 Playing on the stock exchange is not just an opportunity to earn some money.  With the right strategy and certain skills, even small investments can lead to the first millions earned on the exchange.  It’s not so easy to become a stock market millionaire, and it certainly won’t happen overnight, however, as the experience traders has shown, it’s still possible.


 If you want to earn millions on exchange transactions, here are 10 proven tips:

1.Focus on hot promotions

 While you dream of fantastic returns on the stock exchange, be sure to focus on hot stocks.  Conduct your own research, and focus on stocks that are already growing, and hold on to them until they reach new heights.  Do not pay attention to stocks that have reached new lows.

 2. You can buy and sell short positions

 Some choose a bull strategy to get rich.  But this is not the case.  Do not forget about short sales.  You do not need to hold on to the shares of one company in order to make a profit.  Appreciate the success of some day traders – they are the best example of short-term profitability.


 3. Cut losses fast

 If you want to succeed in the market, leave emotions and ego beyond.  Bad luck?  Reduce losses quickly and move on.  Do not focus on losses, but look to the future: you can’t be lucky all the time, and this failure is just part of your path.

 4. Do not be afraid to capture partial and full profits

 Your victories in the market are not income until you make a profit.  Do not be afraid to take partial profits or withdraw all at once.  The market is constantly changing, and it is absolutely normal to take off all the profits that you can, when you just feel that you need to do this.

 5. Do not neglect new technologies

 The world is changing every day, so it is important to keep up to date if you want to achieve success, especially in the stock market.  Now is the time to pay attention to technology companies – they own the future.  Get ready to use new technologies and business models to be one step ahead!


 6. Choose liquid stocks

 Want to get a good income?  Then stick to liquid stocks.  And try to stay as far as possible in your transactions from illiquid stocks.  Usually, they look promising, but are not in an uptrend.

 7. Do not believe everything the company says

 Do not listen to promises and advertising, but look only at how stocks behave in the market.  Do your research and find out how the company really works.  Only in this way you will draw the right conclusions and understand how the stocks of this company will behave in the future.


 8. Do not diversify or take loans.

 Do not take on too much.  Some advise diversifying or using leverage.  But this is not a way to earn millions.  Personally, I usually hold no more than 2 shares at a time, and do not use more than 30% of my assets in investments.  That’s all.

 9. You do not need to sell the “bottom” – sell the “top

 Newcomers to the exchange are guided by the old rule that you need to buy shares that are at the “bottom” of the market, and sell those that are at the “top”.  It would be great if it always happened like that – this scheme promises maximum profit.  But you need to focus on movement, no matter up or down.  Even if you go in the middle of the trend, there is a chance to get a good profit.


 10. You should always have a plan.

 If you have plans for long-term success on the stock exchange, it is best to go into every position with a clear strategy.  Before you start, create a plan: evaluate all the risks and predict the reward you will receive from your investment.  Stick to this plan no matter what.



Earning millions on the exchange may seem difficult to someone, but you can do it if you follow the tips above.  Prepare yourself for possible failures and understand the tasks that come with the investment strategy – this is the only way to get closer to achieving your investment goals!


 Good luck

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