Don’t even try to put your money in saving account before reading this article

What you can do with your money even if you don't have the idea to grow your money with in a year?

Today I m going to say you something which we cannot teach at our school by the time we are students..

So here is the topic that you can do with your money… Basically three only fives steps by which human beings can use their money. you can break it down into 5 categories.







Spend or spending money is always a straight forward action of everyone’s life cause many people do not aware of anything where to spend money and how to spend money. So by spending money a person always missed the opportunity of growing that money…

2. Save 

Saving money is always a better approach than spending money. The biggest problem is by simply saving your money anywhere people are not growing their money and also don’t know the opportunity to how to grow their hard

earn money. By simply putting money into saving accounts your money will be safe but it is like that your money is sitting alone in the idle place, alone where money will be safe but simply sitting alone money is not working for you… 


This is where the journey of good stuff starts, where money growth is accelerated.

Many people have heard a word invest or investing. But actually person did not know the power of compounding interest which forces money to create good wealth. It is the only concept that your money can keep growing in various ways of earning interest, building assets, make financial independence, etc.

By hearing a word invest, investment or investing people are always confused about the opportunity that Where to invest, how to invest etc, because there is a lot of option but easy ones are investing in STOCK, STOCK MARKET, GOLD, REAL ESTATE, ETFs, INDEX FUND, etc.


Give ways the term means here is the charity. 

Charity is great to work & way give back those who are less fortunate in nature. I always like to think & say that anybody can always do something for someone no matter what is the stage of your wealth. To helping some by physically, mentally, or financially it’s not so much important that you have to be a billionaire to donate a charity… 

Note charity money or donation money is always exempted from taxes. 


Up to a certain extent, it is the responsibility of every citizen of its country to pay Tax. but giving the less amount of tax is also a big burden of everyone because it’s not what you earn, it is what you keep at the end of the day that matters… 



By readings the above statement, I can only conclude that invest, investment or investing is only a very good way to convert your money into wealth.One can do investing in various sector likewise the stock market, real estate, gold, etc, But the only stock market is a very easy and defensive place to investing because you and I can sleep throughout the day but yours one’s investing money cannot sleep cause it grows day by day…

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