How to survive in an ocean of ​​trading?

Exchange sharks never sleep.  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader – you always have a chance to be eaten.  These bloodthirsty predators are always hungry, insatiable, and very cunning.  They constantly change their tactics, look for your weak points, and attack at the most unexpected moment.

 Of course, this can be avoided by swimming in a shallow and safe market-pond.  Silence, peace, no risk , only safe actions.  But how long can you be in such peace?  There you will quickly get bored, turn green from despondency, the treasure you will not find there.


 If you want more, you need to go into the open stock sea with predators and big profits.  Fearfully?! Living the familiar comfort zone is always scary.  Without this, you will not learn anything and will not grow professionally.  But observing the simple rules of survival in the sea of predators, you will learn not only to “swim” at your pleasure but to find a treasure.



 No one offers you to immediately rush into the abyss of dangerous waters and row tens of kilometers from the coast.  And if they offer, then the person is clearly “good” to you.  No, for starters, get comfortable near the shore, study it far and wide, what are the fast escape routes, where are the shallows and reefs, when the tides, etc.


 Start trading with a small amount and from the 1st lot.  When trading in small amounts, it will be easier for you to learn to control your risks and minimize losses.  Yes, you will have losses, but there is a big difference between a loss of $ 100 and $ 10,000.  Having learned to swim along the coast confidently, you will work out your strategy, learn the market movements, and choose the most liquid stocks.


Control of emotions and actions

 If you have fresh cuts and bleeding wounds, in no case go into the water.  The shark teaches them from a distance of 5 km.  In fear or panic, you start floundering senselessly in the water, hoping to swim away from it faster.  This gives the opposite effect – the shark perceives such behavior as aggression and attacks.

 Enter the market only when you are calm and there are no wounds in your soul.  So you can adequately assess your actions, the behavior of a predator, and see the escape path.  Clear control of your actions and following the algorithm will significantly reduce the risk of attack and you can achieve your goal.  Slowly and confidently follow the trend, keeping aggressive players insight.

 Continuous development

 In the course of numerous experiments, it was proved that sharks are capable of rapid training.  They observe the behavior of other sharks or creatures and adopt their habits, constantly changing their tactics.  Shark trainers are forced to constantly be on the alert and change their methods so as not to be eaten.

 You need to constantly adapt to the changing market and predator behavior.  The market in the early 2000s is not what it is now at 2020s, and your trading strategies may no longer work.  Follow the news, stock behavior, adjust your streak & strategy in accordance with the flow.

 Remember simple truths – put Stop Loss!  This is an analog of a lifebuoy that will not let you drown if you have not noticed a tidal wave.  Do not swim (sorry, do not trade!) Against the current, that is, the trend – it will carry away and not ask what was your name.  Then you will present information to the crabs about the calculated speed of the tidal wave and the hydrological composition of the suit.

 Instructor Training

 Experienced surfers and swimmers are always instructed and trained with an experienced instructor.  He will teach how to ride a wave, how not to feed crabs, how to stay calm when he meets a “friendly” predator.


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