Investment vs insurance in human beings life both are more important and which should be done or bought first.

So here are some questions to be answered… 

Can you die tomorrow? Yes/No

Can you or your family Hospitalize tomorrow? Yes/No

Can you be a billionaire in the next 10 days? YES/NO

Can you or your family members remain healthy and avoid hospitalization for the next 10 years as of now? Yes /No

So the make up factor is here is destiny. And u never do anything about it.. Impartial of what misery you in which to be done first insurance or investment, you just never change your fate.. 

You may select 1 of the 2, let’s suppose u select life as well as health insurance today and in the future, you come across an accident where you get hospitalized quickly nevertheless by “Grace of God” you existing still alive. So luckily your health insurance covers to pay bills of the hospital… Or even if you die immediately after hospitalized or in any circumstances so life insurance will ensure your money to help your family after you…


This is where the journey of good stuff starts, where money growth is accelerated.Many people have heard the word investment or investing. But actually, person did not know the power of compounding interest which forces money to create good wealth.. It is the only concept that your money can keep growing in various ways by ways of earning interest, building assets, make financial independence, etc.

By hearing the word in invest or investing people are always confused about the opportunity that where to invest?, how to invest ?, because there is a lot of option but easy ones are investing in STOCK, STOCK MARKET, GOLD, REAL ESTATE, ETFs, INDEX FUND, etc.

The stock and stock market is a platform where a person does investment by doing trading in his demat account electronically or physically.

Gold is an ornament where people do buy physical gold for their future in terms of investment and for any occasion in their life

Real estate is a dynamic and a huge potential platform for huge investment and to get better return on investment.

So your choice should be examined by your own unique situation because there is always money for things if you really look for whether it.

If insurance or investment you can do both by cutting down your unnecessary spending for a couple of weeks or months and you will have the money for the insurance premiums and also for investment. 

For. Eg 

If both life and health insurance cost you 24000 premium annually, simply start RD of 2000rs and investment of 2000rs and accumulate money for next year’s premium n investment… Then there will be any last minute encumbrance on you in any medical or emergency misshapen in life… 

Now i m pretty much sure you must know the difference between insurance n investment now. So if u understand  then one should know to have always some money for outlook found for important things like obtaining life & health insurance and  investment together. so it will be easy for every person to understand the importance of investment & insurance for their auspicious life by doing investment and insurance every person is ready for any misfortune for himself and for their family by creating a good backup planning of important aspect of life.

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